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Virtual and augmented/mixed reality are expected to go mainstream within the next 4 years. Businesses must start collecting information and planning pipelines now to ensure they keep up with the pace of the market. Understanding how employees, customers and consumers best engage with immersive technologies, and where they will bring the best ROI, are crucial steps to take that will underpin how well companies survive or thrive in the XR revolution.

VRX 2019 (Dec 12-13, San Francisco) is gathering 600+ senior business executives across enterprise, consumer entertainment, gaming, technology and investment to discuss how XR can bring ROI and propel businesses forward. Putting customers at the heart of innovation, speakers and attendees will join forces to cut the noise and reveal the best applications of VR & AR/MR.

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Join these brands in December, who just registered for VRX 2019
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Meet the senior-level speakers at the cutting edge of the industry

VRX attracts the world’s leading brands and visionaries to share knowledge, innovations & strategies for XR, helping businesses drive profitability and positive change. The 2019 speakers include:
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Walk away with practical strategies for transforming your XR business:

  • VR or AR/MR? Learn which is right for different applications - and how to make sure you don’t waste time and money finding out
  • Understand Your Market Better: Hear from growing segments across both consumer and enterprise and find out what content is working, where to focus going forward and whether you need to change your strategy
  • Picking the Right Use-Cases: Understand which technologies and platforms suit different purposes and ensure you pick the relevant applications for your business
  • Learn How to Overcome Barriers to Adoption: Front line insights on how to navigate the technological and cultural hurdles when incorporating XR into workflows. Plan your pipeline with knowledge of the monetization models available
  • Discover Real-World Enterprise Applications: Hear where immersive tech is having the biggest business impacts; with deep dive sessions on how it’s revolutionizing training, collaboration, design & visualization and customer engagement
  • Proven Case Studies Showcasing Results: Find out how to capitalize on right opportunities as business awareness of the wide applications of XR increases
  • Tools, Applications & Implementation: Assess the hardware and software tools available, best use-cases and methods of implementation for VR, AR & MR across different industries
  • Innovating for Success: Meet a range of exciting new start-ups and departments that are breaking boundaries and paving the way ahead. Find out how to drive projects from the lab to full-scale deployment
  • Where’s the ROI? Get dozens of case examples of where XR implementation is helping a whole variety of businesses improve productivity, drive efficiency gains and reduce errors
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Meet the 600+ decision makers coming together in San Francisco, from global brands such as:
Download your event brochure for exclusive access to the 2019 delegate snapshot >>>

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VRX 2019 will bring together 600+ attendees from across the entire virtual, augmented and mixed reality ecosystem. Global leaders will shed light on the best innovations, solutions and use-cases for XR and provide your business with the tools you need to thrive.

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VR Intelligence (VRX) is a unit of FC Business Intelligence Ltd which is a registered company in England and Wales - Registered number 04388971, 7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK

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VRX brings value for your business

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"Speakers were AAA quality and we appreciated the enterprise agenda very much." 
-  Jason Welsh, Managing Director, Accenture Extended Reality, ACCENTURE

"I thought the event was really high value - the breadth and depth of content covered was excellent and the industry representation was impressive."
-  Dina Consolino, Business Development Manager, MICROSOFT

"It was a very good conference, I learned a lot and had good networking opportunities."
- Fabio Del Taglia, Global Senior Digital Operations Manager, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM

“The networking opportunities at VRX really are first-class. I have been able to make the kind of connections with key people in the industry that could lead to profound improvements for our company, or pave the way for completely new paths."
- Andreas Juliusson, Marketing & Communications Manager, FAST TRAVEL GAMES