2018 State of the XR Market Pack

We are in the dawn of a new immersive tech era.

With the wave of new headsets, a budding consumer market and businesses profiting from improved processes and productivity, there is much progress to be celebrated.

Yet major challenges remain. The future of VR, AR and MR hangs on believable storytelling, profitability and seamless experiences. This will take time, intellect and collaboration.

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What’s in the pack?

XR Industry Survey Results 2018

In partnership with SuperData

The 20-page survey results will give you insights into:

  • Where the gains are being made in consumer and enterprise XR
  • How businesses are planning to spend over the next 12 months
  • The major challenges companies are facing to push towards mass adoption and
  • Which industries are taking the boldest steps with the use of immersive tech for different business applications

Webinar recordings: What’s Real? What’s Hype? What’s the future?

Taking a reality check with those at the forefront of the industry:

  • Vinay Narayan, Executive Director, VR, HTC Vive
  • Steven Kan, Head of Global Strategy, AR and VR, Google
  • Stephanie Llamas, VP of Strategy and Head of XR, SuperData Research
  • Amy Peck, Founder & CEO, Endeavor VR

BONUS: Gaming panel discussion recordings from VRX Europe 2018!

The theme of the panel discussion was:

‘Unlocking ways to distribute and monetise VR games and content’


  • Tommy Palm, Chief Executive Officer, Resolution Games
  • Arthur Houtman, Chief Executive Officer, Forcefield VR
  • Simon Benson, Founder, Realised Realities

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